How do I qualify for conference credit?
If you attended 6 courses and completed 6 surveys before 30 NOV then you are eligible to receive conference credit.
How will I receive conference credit?
A participation letter (PL) will be sent to all members who are eligible for conference credit towards Level 3 of CAP Volunteer University’s Education and Training program.
These members would need to work with their unit Education and Training Officer to ensure the PL is uploaded to the Professional Levels application in eServices and approved by their chain of command.
When will I receive the conference participation letter?
For AEO School, participation letters will be handled by Lt Col Roger Dunn.
For IG Summit, participation letters will be handled by Maj Craig Newton.
For all others, a participation letter was sent via email on 09 DEC and is also
available at for download at the link below (Revised 19 DEC 2020).
If you do not receive this, please contact

Download the vCWC 2020 Conference Participation Letter