As we are running the California Wing Conference this year as a first ever virtual event, using Microsoft Teams as our communications platform, we have had to adjust the event plan to accommodate the 300-attendee limit for interactive Teams meetings.
Since the conference is open outside of California Wing (CAWG), in order to accommodate CAWG members, ALL California Wing members will be automatically pre-registered for the conference.
If you are a CAWG Member, please exit this registration page now
On 29 OCT, all CAWG members current in eServices as of that date will receive email with instructions on how to login to the meeting platform  to select their classes.
On 05 NOV, REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED and all non-CAWG members registered on or before this date will receive email with instructions on how to login to the meeting platform to select their classes.
2020 CAWG Conference Registration
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Please remember which email address you use to register; this email address will be used to login to the conference platform