Innovation is what fuels growth and progress.  Civil Air Patrol was created through military innovation in 1941. Almost eighty years later, CAP and the USAF have changed the way the world operates on a civilian and military basis. The United States of America has truly defined what it means to be innovative. How does CAP grow and operate through an innovative culture? We adapt, learn, and have a large part in innovating how today’s youth will see the future! 
Check out how we utilize innovations in our missions to grow as the best wing in the United States by clicking on any of the three missions of Civil Air Patrol!

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CAWG 2020

I N  P H O T O S
Super ILP Weekend at Travis AFB
Super ILP Weekend
CAWG Competition - Congratulations Squadron 44
CAWG Competition Congratulations Squadron 44
Fun at CPC
Squadron 85 Color Guard at the California Aerospace and Aviation Day
CAWG members in Washington D.C. for CAP Legislative Day
Helping at the Merced Food Bank
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Proof the Innovation Embodies CAP Nationwide

CAWG Member Flies as 1st Female Green Flag West Pilot
Cell Phone Team ‘Game-Changer’ Leads Colorado Searchers to Lost Hiker
CAWG Member Flies as 1st Female Green Flag West Pilot
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