The 2020 California Wing Conference has transitioned to a virtual platform! Keep an eye out for even MORE exciting things to come!

2020 California Wing Conference 

“Growth Through Innovation”

12-15 November 2020


SPECIAL EVENT: Pacific Coast Region change of command
To be held on 14 November 2020

Meet the Staff

1st Lt Clair Gregory is this year’s Project Officer. 1st Lt Gregory has been in Civil Air Patrol since she was 12. She’s promoted to C/Maj and served as the Group 5 Color Guard Commander, PCR Drill Team member, and Squadron 85 Cadet Commander, now operating as the finance officer, Alpha Flight FTO, and Color Guard Coach. She currently works for JP Morgan as a licensed banker.


Lt Samantha Moat is serving as this year’s Protocol Officer and Head of Registration. She joined CAP at 12, serving as the Aerospace NCO, Bravo Flight Sergeant, Group 5 Color guard member, and PCR Drill Team member. Lt Moat now operates as the Aerospace Officer, Bravo Flight FTO, Color Guard coach, and Wing Social Media Manager. She is currently working as a certified Paralegal and Notary Public.

Colonel Alan Ferguson joined CAP at the age of 14, serving over 50 years in the program. He has held numerous positions, including Squadron Commander three times, Group Commander twice, and Wing Commander. He now operates as the Wing Director of Logistics. He has actively engaged in all three CAP missions throughout his life. Thank you for your voluntary service, Colonel!



C/Lt Col Colin Rodriguez has been in Civil Air Patrol for 7 years. He has served as the Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations for 2019 Cadet Training Group, Cadet Commander for Aerospace Education STEM Academy, and Cadet Commander for Squadron 84. He currently works for JP Morgan Chase as an Associate Banker.