2021 California Wing Conference 

“Growth Through Innovation”

September 29 – October 3

A Message from our Commander

Welcome to the 2020 California Wing Conference!  
This conference is a time when we all come together to share in our developments and learnings over the past year. This conference is also the time when we are able to say thank you to the entire membership for their exemplary performance over the past year and honor those that have achieved the honor of being recognized as being best of the best.
Since we met last year so much as happened in California Wing and we have grown, progressed, and succeeded through innovation not only in the technologies and missions that we employ, but also our thought processes and leadership philosophies. Members from around the Wing have enthusiastically engaged in new and exciting initiatives that not only make our program more exciting and rewarding, but are resulting in new core competencies that make us even more valuable to our Communities, State, and Nation.  This past year our Wing has faced adversity in the way of a global pandemic and statewide wildfires. Even in the face of such disasters our membership stays focused on our missions and continue to serve others both in disaster relief and search and rescue missions.
We have so much to celebrate and learn together and through this conference we will continue to grow, continue to achieve, and continue to exceed expectations in all of our missions. I invite you to attend as many sessions as possible, paying close attention to the achievements and learnings of our fellow members. All of us in California Wing aspire to inspire others. I am sure that by your attendance in this conference you will be inspired, as I have, by the heroes that we are honored to serve with on a daily basis and that you too will inspire others as we move forward in our changing world. Congratulations to everyone participating in this conference and sharing our mutual successes.
Col Ross E. Veta, CAP
California Wing Commander